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Yokomo SP-03 D Programable Brushless Drift Servo (mauve)

Yokomo SP-03 D Programable Brushless Drift Servo (mauve)


This is the Yokomo Programmable Brushless Drift Servo in a bright purple case. This is a low profile drift servo that can be adjusted to meet track demands via a redesigned program card. 



  • Adjustable to suit your track surface via a new design program card
  • Full aluminum case that enhances both cooling and looks
  • To prevent weight increase in the front we have designed weight reduction into the case
  • Brushless motor that gives outstanding precision and torque
  • High precision aluminum gear set used for weight reduction and high dive efficiency


Operating Voltage: 4.8V?6.0V


Torque: 4.8V, 6.0V

Size: 40.8?20.2?26.1mm (4x2x2in)

Weight: 49? (.5lbs)

Color: Red


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